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contentwritings.com review

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contentwritings.com review and discounts


Is a review a privilege or a customer`s duty? It depends upon many things really. It depends upon a person and his/her attitude, upon a service and the results of collaboration. Today, we are going to talk about content writing services and this one is one of them. There are plenty to choose from and which one to pick is always a challenge because one never knows how trustworthy the service will turn out to be. This is why, by the way, a review for a service may be a privilege. Again a duty just as well.


The interface of the website is an undoubtful benefit because the color scheme is chosen wisely, vividly, memorable. Dark red with orange go well together. Then black is always in fashion and dark blue fascinates with its intension and depth of color. There is a chance to get 20% off ordering for the first time and the sooner, the better. The amount of graphics is just right and relevant. The website is quite fast at loading. There is a live chat option available, Viber and Whatsapp instant messengers. It is easy at navigation due to the standard navigation panel. There are samples available for viewing so its visitors could see what the paper would be looking like as a result. In addition, there are article for those who are into reading (but not writing) :) A wide range of services is also a huge benefit.


Despite the wide range of provided services, their quality leaves something to be desired. I needed a few different assignments to be accomplished and the way they were accomplished was rather unsatisfactory. I needed a thesis to be written and a resume and both times, I found mistakes in my papers, which is unacceptable.

Quality of paper

There is a 30% off discount on every 50 pages. The service is quick but the quality of produced papers is low. The way the thesis was written is simply unacceptable. I could write it better. A resume, I honestly had to re-write it. Creative writers is not the word describing the writers working for this service. I asked for help another service online, which is Shiny Essays . It is highly professional, rates are affordable and delivery is always in a timely manner.

Policy of price

There is no table of prices available, which is bad. It would be better for one to be there. Instead, there is pricing for proofreading by an editor and for original report of the paper. The mentioned above web service has it all, which makes it to where it is the web site is navigable, understandable and affordable.

Order details

Ordering form opens up in a separate tab. There is an application form I filled in in no time but still if I knew for the quality to be that bad, I would not spend my precious few minutes filling it in. There are personal details, order details and discount code to input. Then press submit and your order is placed.


I had good first impressions of the website when I entered the web service but the more I was browsing through it, the more I realized it to be not that easy and simple due to no table of prices but decided on giving it a go, I managed to see everything and the price too. I managed to see even more, how poor the quality of papers actually is. I am not complaining though. Any experience is a good experience.

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  • # This service is a shit! read more→


  • # finestpapers.com is a BIG SCAM. I paid a huge amount but got nothing from them. BEWARE of finestpapers.com. Don't pay them. They have no experts. They trap you by calling on phone and get money. They are LIARS. finestpapers.com name of BIG THIEF read more→


  • # paid to have my assignment done by a certain time and they couldn't do it due to overload in work, rather than letting me know when I placed my order, they waited until 12 hours after my assignment was DUE TO BE SENT TO ME to tell me that they couldn't do it. this left me with only a couple of hours to write up my assignment my self. I had to take the day of work to do this assignment and therefore lost 200 dollars. Wouldn't recommend this site to anyone ever! read more→

    prefer not to give

  • # This service is a SCAM. The deadline came and went, and they kept assuring me that I would receive my paper soon, but I never saw it. Then the writer sent me a bogus message about how his father was in a car wreck and he was almost finished, but I still never saw the paper, and never got a refund. read more→


  • # i paid extra charge for the work to be done in 5 days and by approaching the deadline i was asked for extension and by approaching the second deadline i was asked for another extension because only 2 chapters were completed and 3 more left and of course they are giving very bad excuse like storm, technical problems and so on. they dont respond to me anymore i asked for refund or charge for only those 2 chapters but no relys the online service is off, and i need to submit the work maximum by tomorrow and i need to read it before submission. they do not have any kind of commitment to the customer read more→