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proresumewrite.com review

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proresumewrite.com review and discounts


There is a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn creation and optimization writing service for your attention. It is designed in a simple way. There is a white background on which all the information upon the company and its services is given. I like it that there is navigation panel, which makes it to where the website is easy to navigate.


There are testimonials and articles available for reading for those who trust others in this matter. I normally always look them through before applying for help online or listen to what others say in case of anyone I know of to use services of a website providing with such services. The pricing is given right on the front page, which is also very convenient.


The pricing is excessively high. I did not expect it to be so. As long as the target audience is students, who most likely they do not have even a part time jobs to be able to pay for the services. At the same time, they want their grades to be at least good if not great thus, they strive for the best they can get. I was one of those students back then when I studied in the college and I needed a resume and a cover letter to go with it. Unfortunately, I cannot call this web service to be affordable. It is far from affordable. There is no discount system sadly. it would be easier if there was a discount at least for the first order.

Quality of paper

Like I mentioned before, I needed a resume and a cover letter because I was turning from a student into a jobseeker. I desperately needed it to be of a high quality because those are very important documents. The better the quality is, the more chances are to find a job. I was oriented to find a professional job therefore, it was highly important for me so the documents were looking properly and error-free.

Policy of price

The prices are given right next to the packages of services the company provides with. You choose a package you need and able to see the price at once. Add to cart as if you were shopping online. There are technical, administration and corporate, trades and labor, executive and leadership.

Order details

There is no order form but if to go to contact section and you will get to see a form to place your query. Select your inquiry type, your contact information and upload your resume for further corrections. You will be able to view the cart. There is a product to choose, a price for each service, quantity of products and total. Proceed checklist and this is how your order is complete.


I like the way the website looks but the products it provides with leave something to be desired. I would sooner go for Writing Help Service. This web service is truly amazing when it comes to customer service, affordability at pricing and accessibility.

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  • # This service is a shit! read more→


  • # finestpapers.com is a BIG SCAM. I paid a huge amount but got nothing from them. BEWARE of finestpapers.com. Don't pay them. They have no experts. They trap you by calling on phone and get money. They are LIARS. finestpapers.com name of BIG THIEF read more→


  • # paid to have my assignment done by a certain time and they couldn't do it due to overload in work, rather than letting me know when I placed my order, they waited until 12 hours after my assignment was DUE TO BE SENT TO ME to tell me that they couldn't do it. this left me with only a couple of hours to write up my assignment my self. I had to take the day of work to do this assignment and therefore lost 200 dollars. Wouldn't recommend this site to anyone ever! read more→

    prefer not to give

  • # This service is a SCAM. The deadline came and went, and they kept assuring me that I would receive my paper soon, but I never saw it. Then the writer sent me a bogus message about how his father was in a car wreck and he was almost finished, but I still never saw the paper, and never got a refund. read more→


  • # i paid extra charge for the work to be done in 5 days and by approaching the deadline i was asked for extension and by approaching the second deadline i was asked for another extension because only 2 chapters were completed and 3 more left and of course they are giving very bad excuse like storm, technical problems and so on. they dont respond to me anymore i asked for refund or charge for only those 2 chapters but no relys the online service is off, and i need to submit the work maximum by tomorrow and i need to read it before submission. they do not have any kind of commitment to the customer read more→